Flor Oil Company, based in Nea Efkarpia Thessaloniki, is active in the market segment of lubricants and mineral oils. Founded in 1963, the company is, today, one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturers of lubricants and oils in our country with an exportation activity in the Balkan countries.

Specifically, Flor Oil produces and distributes a wide range of lubricants, such as vehicle lubricants and special products. Also, the company specializes in the industry lubricants by providing the market high quality products. The primary target of our company is the best protection for your equipment. Through continuous research and repetitive tests, we achieve the maximum performance of the offered products.

The high level of our products and services and services have led to the widespread acceptance by the consumers. In 2002, the transfer of our company at the industrial hub of Nea Efkarpia Thessaloniki resulted in a faster market coverage which now goes beyond Greece. Top quality lubricants and mineral oils for vehicles and factories by Flor Oil Company.

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