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Christos & Panagiotis Floros Company,
Lubricants: Production & Distribution

Flor Oil based in Thessaloniki, is active in the production and the wholesale distribution of lubricants and oils. The company was founded in 1963 and today it is one of the largest and best manufacturers in this sector, with customers from all over Greece and the neighboring Balkan countries.

In our product catalog you can find a wide range of lubricants and special products that successfully meet your needs. The priority of Flor Oil Company, in Thessaloniki, is to offer the consumer excellent quality lubricants that protect any engine. We achieved that after 53 years of continuous research and repetitive tests on each product.

Synthetic Vehicle Lubricants

Engine Lubricants

Synthetic Lubricants for Diesel Engines

Lubricants for Differentials – Gear Oils


We produce and offer for wholesale high quality lubrication products, by meeting the needs of the factory, vehicle, energy, transport, agriculture and construction sectors. At Flor Oil, in Thessaloniki, you will also find special products such as: antifreeze and heat resistant products, brake fluids, battery fluids, deionized water, windshield washer fluids, AdBlue, grease sprays, etc. All these products are available upon request at the best market prices. Our main concern is to provide you an excellent service. For this reason, we offer you a prompt technical support and tailor-made suggestions thus ensuring top quality and reliability based on our experience since 1963…